Galleon Blast at Chester Folk Festival

Finally the rum soaked pirate crew take on a full gig at the Chester folk festival. We are closing the concert in the marquee on Sunday evening.

Look out for various members doing odd things around the festival all weekend, including the ‘Full House Ceilidh Band’ who provide the dancers lift on Monday night

The Family Mahone 20th Anniversary

It’s only going to happen once, but it is going to happen.

Twenty years ago something started. A band. A band that drank their weight in beer instead of soundchecking.

A band that somehow made it to such tiny festivals as Glastonbury, Cambridge, Cropredy and Lloopallu.

The band that was the Family Mahone.

Their first gig was on the 17th March 1998 at the George and Dragon in Great Budworth. It is somehow fitting that their last will be 17th March 2018 at Telfords Warehouse in Chester.

DJ, Donal, Doc, Christie, Charlie and Rusty intend to set aside their musical indifference and reunite in beer and song.

It’s a too-la and a lo-ra,

We forgot the bloody words.

Oi oi oi-

The ones we know are slurred